About Us

The Count Your Blessings bracelet isn’t just another fashion accessory. Marrying meaning with style, Rhea Shervan's  creation allows the customer to become the benefactor, as a percentage of each purchase is donated directly to those in need. The Count Your Blessings bracelet allows you spread compassion with a simple, yet elegant gift. A constant conversation piece, it is sure to draw awareness to the blessings we all share. It is a perfect memento to remind those we love of the blessings in life.

With the birth of the Count Your Blessings online store, It only seemed natural for Rhea to choose The National Kidney Foundation of Maryland to be her first charity to donate to,  and $1.00 for every bracelet sold will go directly to medical research.  This foundation is very close to her heart since her father and sister have both battled renal failure.  Having battled with renal failure from a very young age, Rhea's sister has had two successful kidney transplants, while her father at the ripe old age of 72 has undergone a kidney transplant as well.  The National Kidney Foundation of Maryland was integral to the success of each surgery and the successes of countless others.  The National Kidney Foundation of Maryland is dedicated to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by these diseases, and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation.

In today's world, we are constantly pivoting to reach others in need. Helping and inspiring others is the heart of The Count Your Blessings true meaning.  

Each time a Count Your Blessing bracelet is sold is Rhea's way of saying thank you and giving hope to someone.  And without you, Rhea's dream would not be possible.  It is caring individuals like you that send this gift with meaning who enable Rhea's dream to come true.   

Rhea Shervan, designer of the Count Your Blessings bracelet and creator of fashion accessory online boutique     ID You & Co., is a wife, mother, philanthropist and business woman. Following a dynamic career with some of the top fashion accessory houses in New York City, Rhea moved to the West Coast to focus on her proudest endeavor, mother to two incredible children and wife to her loving husband. Guiding a growing family through daily life, Rhea realized that giving does not stop in the household nor should it. Charity work became a large part of Rhea and her family’s life, but that connection to the fashion world never faded either. Determined to meld the experience of her past with the passion of her future, the Count Your Blessings Bracelet is the symbol of coming full circle while living with a spirit of gratitude.