ID YOU & CO. COVID-19 UPDATE March 21 2020, 0 Comments

Hello all,

I hope everyone is home or doing their best to stay safe in these uncertain times.  COVID-19 is like a ghost, you never know where it’s lurking.  So social distancing, lots of hand washing and hygiene is super important.

I have taken all these precautions and more. 

As most of you know, all my stores are online.  We do not have a brick and mortar store, only a warehouse.  So I gathered all my beads, supplies, clips and as much as I could carry and starting working out of my home.

My online stores,, and our Amazon store Count Your Blessings  are active and ready to ship your order. 

I am taking extra precautions just to make sure everyone is safe including myself.  I do not go to the post office, I simply place my shipments in a special USPS mail carton and my wonderful mailman picks it up and gets it safely to you. 

I have my health, family, food, and toilet paper.  I am truly lucky and I Count Your Blessings daily.

Keep the faith - This too shall pass.

If you have any questions, or concerns please do not hesitate to email us at  


All my best wishes,